Twegos is an AI-driven people analytics service that allows companies to quantify a person's fit with the values of a company, team or individual manager. The technology is powered by four components that can be used throughout the entire HR life cycle.

1. A unique data collection tool to measure employees and candidates with an application that is web-enabled, mobile friendly, scientifically validated, suited for all education levels and takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

2. A powerful data science tool to produce valuable insights into your current workforce. This component maps out your existing and aspired company culture and provides insights in gaps between divisions, teams or different hierarchical levels.

3. An AI engine which runs real-time calculations on very large datasets to identify correlations with additional HR data for innovative workforce insights in support of pre- and post-hire decision-making. More business data drives more insights as the engine learns more about your workforce and company culture.

4. A personal recommendation report with a detailed value profile for personal development or talent management, which every respondent receives after measurement.

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