Our AI engine and automated assessment process were developed by our team of thought leaders in organizational science and are based on decades of research and international models to profile employees on their professional drivers and values. The science has been validated by renowned international companies to scale recruitment and generate savings in operational costs.


Employee alignment with the core values of an organization, team and direct manager, is highly correlated with engagement, employee turnover and job performance.

The consequences of having the wrong person in the wrong job far exeeds the hiring and training costs, and contributes to a decline in employee morale, collaboration and productivity.

According to Gallup® 17.5% of employees are disengaged and cost a company 34% of their salary by loss of productivity, negative impact on co-workers and client solutions & relations.

Professor Timothy A. Judge
Alutto Chair in Leadership Effectiveness
Executive Director at The Ohio State University
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Professor Joeri Hofmans
Professor Organizational Behavior at Brussels University
Co-founder and R&D Director of Twegos
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