Soft skill analytics
that improve your business

Organizations worldwide have used Twegos to measure their company culture and generate impactful workforce insights to reduce operational costs and improve talent acquisition & management.

Our culture scan measures current company culture and project their desired culture with a selection of representative employees. They use ValueFit® as a hard data point throughout the cultural change process.

Clients leverage the data from the culture scan for talent acquisition and talent management. Specifically, clients pre-screen candidates for ValueFit® to optimize the HR process for large scale recruitment. The focus on top-of-funnel candidates reduces interview time, time-to-hire and overall recruitment costs.

Clients reduce employee turnover by up to 35% and increase employee productivity by up to 20%. Candidates with a high ValueFit® stay longer in the organisation and are more productive. Clients have also reduced absenteeism and related costs by up to 20%, by focusing on a high ValueFit®.

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