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HR Analytics


Twegos is an AI-driven HR analytics service which supports pre- and post-hire decision-making. The Twegos model measures company culture and provides workforce insights that scale recruitment and generate operational cost savings. Learn more


Our AI engine is developed by our team of thought leaders in organizational science and is based on decades of research and international models to profile employees on their professional drivers and values. The science has been validated by renowned international companies, with proven impact on employee turnover, absenteeism and performance. Learn more

Case Studies

Organizations worldwide have used Twegos to improve talent acquisition and management, strengthen company culture and generate workforce insights which lead to higher engagement, lower employee turnover, less absenteeism, better performance and millions of dollars in savings. Learn more


HR automation is a 'show me' industry and players in the space need to innovate and add value which they can prove to clients with measurable Return on Investment. Twegos offers an innovative partnership where our AI driven analytics service can be swiftly integrated in your HR automation platform. Learn more